Using trial - saving login not working

I don't know what I could be doing wrong. I am trying out 1Password on windows, and it is not working for me. I created a login in the main 1Password program and it works like a champ. however, when I go to a login page in firefox the browser extension offers to save it, and then never does.

I also exported my passwords as a csv and when I go to import them, it looks like it is working great except none of them show up.

At this point, I sure am glad i am trying it before paying for it.


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    What version of Firefox and of the 1Password extension for Firefox are you using, @alan412‌?

    Also, were you exporting Login items? I ask because 1Password for Windows exports only Login items to delimited text; all other types (including Password items) can be exported only to a 1PIF file.

    If they are Login items, what are you wanting to accomplish exporting and then re-importing them?

  • Using the newest Firefox (updated today to make sure that wasn't the problem) 33.x. Downloaded the newest 1Password extension from the agilebits website today as well.

    I was exporting from Firefox passwords (using the Password export extension.)

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    Ah, I see. If the Firefox exports to delimited text, 1Password should be able to import it.

    Please see the Importing data article in the 1Password 4 for Windows user's guide for details.

  • I guess I am not making myself clear. There are 2 problems. Perhaps it should be 2 threads.

    Problem #1:
    - When in Firefox, the browser extension asks me about saving a password. It says it has, but it didn't save ANYTHING.

    Problem #2:
    - Importing passwords. It looks like it is working great, but NONE of them are stored. (ie, it goes through the dialog boxes.)

    Perhaps these 2 are related (not saving things)

    I CAN create something manually in 1Password and have it saved.

  • ok, here is some more info. I setup IE (I don't ever use it), and save login from there doesn't work either. Clearly something is keeping the browser extensions from sending new login information to the 1Password program. (If I create something in the 1Password program then I CAN read it in the extensions.)

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    You keep referring to importing passwords. Are you talking about Login items, saved by the 1Password extension for Chrome?

    If so, are you saying that the "save" procedure seems to finish, but the saved Logins never get synced back to the main 1Password program?

    If that's the case, what are you selecting in the main 1Password program to see those saved Login items?

  • I apologize for talking about 2 different problems at the same time. Please forget about importing passwords. Discussing 2 different problems is causing this to be unnecessarily complicated.

    If I do "saved" logins, I look at them in the list of logins. If I manually make one (i.e., not using the browser extension) then it works great. So I don't think it is that I don't know where to look for them in the main 1Password program. Also, if I make them on my mac it works great.

    The mac program is really polished and works well. I am having fits with the Windows one. It is possible that it is something setup on my work computer, but I need some help from agile bits as far as what information to provide so we can solve this problem. If we can't solve this, then 1Password is just not going to work for me.



    P.S. Is there anyway to set this so it will e-mail me when there is a response?

  • It looks like rebooting my Windows machine fixed it. (whatever "it" was.)

  • Hi @alan412‌,

    Thanks for letting us know that at least one of the problems has seemingly solved itself.

    While not trying to rule out a bug in 1Password 4 for Windows, I think something on your system was responsible here.
    Depending on the browser you're using the 1Password Helper (our background app Agile1pAgent.exe) uses different methods to communicate with the main database for saving and retrieving data. In case of Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari, it uses WebSocket communication, which can sometimes be blocked by anti-virus and firewall software. The Internet Explorer extension, however, uses an internal Windows communication system that is very stable.

    In any case, we're glad to hear that this works now.

    As for the importing issue…
    Can you please tell us a bit more about the problem? Which application are you trying to import data from?
    Have you seen this article?

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