Secure Input, Active or Not in 1Password 5?

1) Is this active or not by default when I type in the master password? I want it to be. I do not use programs such as Text Expander.

2) Do I have to do anything to make sure it is activated all the time?

3) Do I have to use the Hide 1Password feature to make it active?


  • Hi @georgebh‌

    The field where you enter your Master Password uses Secure Input and it isn't something you can deactivate through any of our preferences. So it is always enabled when you're entering your Master Password, there is no default because there is no option to disable it.

    As for question 3) I'm not confident I know what you're referring to, are you talking about the preference titled Conceal Passwords in the Security tab of 1Password's preferences? If you are that only applies to the fields in your 1Password items where the field is designated as a password. If you drag your preference window to one side with a Login item visible you can see the impact of turning that preference on and off.

    Does that help?

  • Thanks. On question 3, at least some of the forums (and they appear to relate to 1Password 4, so I do not know if they apply to the current version 5) the answer was given from AgileBits representatives that one had to use the hide 1Password feature to make secure input active. I am still not clear on this as it seems to conflict with answers to items 1 and 2. If AgileBits reps. are hear I'd love to hear what they say on this as it relates to 1Password 5.

  • Hi @georgebh‌

    A while back there was a bug where we weren't releasing the Secure Input event after we'd finished needing it and that was interfering with programs like TextExpander which need to be able to monitor the keyboard but at no time was it possible to insecurely enter your Master Password. The solution to forcing the release was to hide the 1Password windows but that's kind of the opposite to what you're referring to.

    Is it possible you're misremembering this at all?

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