Retrieve 1password data from old hard drive?

My laptop video drivers crapped out, even external methods among other problems. However, that hard drive is good. Is there a way to retrieve my 1password data and use it on my new pc?


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
    edited November 2014

    You'll be looking for a folder with a .agilekeychain extension. The default name is 1Password.agilekeychain, but the first part will reflect whatever you named your vault. If your vault was named Family Stuff, for example, it'll be stored as Family Stuff.agilekeychain.

    You'll need the entire folder and all of its contents. Copy it to the new drive, launch 1Password, choose File > Open 1Password Vault, and select that .agilekeychain folder.

    Of course, if you were using Dropbox to share and sync your 1Password data with other computers and mobile devices, it'll be a lot simpler. Just install Dropbox on the new computer, associate it with the same Dropbox account, and give Dropbox a few minutes to copy your 1Password data from your private web site down to the new drive.

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