Doesnt seem to work

Just purchased 1Password for Window and Mac, currently on the PC but the browser extension doesn't seem to do anything, read the manual, searched this discussion board but cant find an answer. I've disabled every extension in Chrome. When I left click the icon on chrome nothing happens, a right click reveals a menu but only direct me to the website. Feeling ripped off...

Where am I going wrong?


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    @tobeyb Help > Advanced > Verify web browser code signature --> OFF

  • Thanks thats done the trick in chrome will try the other browsers and install the mac version now

  • OK just on the mac and my master password appears to be too long to fit in the box, are there different length limits between platforms?

  • I don't think there's different limits to the data size, but the differing font sizes and UI chrome on the different platforms might result in a different number of visible characters.
    Even if a password is longer than the text field it should still work. Just drag the mouse across or use the cursor keys to scroll the text to see the rest.

  • It stops on the mac and doesnt keep adding characters by the looks of it, I did try just ploughing on with it but I received a message the password was incorrect, I guess the test it to change the master password to something shorter which does fit and take it from there

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    So, 1Password for Windows accepts your full master password, but 1Password for Mac truncates it?

    If that's correct, can you tell us how many characters it accepts before ignoring the rest?

    (Another test would be to type the entire master password into a text editor, so you can confirm that you're typing it correctly, then copy the text and paste it into the 1Password for Mac unlock prompt.)

  • My master password is 26 characters long, on the Mac I can only enter 19 characters, I've reduced the master password now so that's done the trick thanks.

  • Hi @tobeyb‌

    My Master Password is 29 characters long and I'm fine here. On the Mac we use Apple's Secure Event type (I may have not used it's correct name) for entering your Master Password so we're limited in what we can do there. The key part though is that even if it doesn't look like it isn't responding to your keystrokes it is. I suspect it was just a typo in this instance and that you should be free to increase the length of your Master Password again.

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