Difficulty upgrading 1Password for Mac

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  • I have the same issue! I upgraded to the latest version and it was a trial version. Now it is asking me to purchase a new license. I put in my email address and they sent me my license and I have tried every way possible for over 2 hours to input this license!! I put in my email and the entire number and it does not recognize the email??? which does not make since because it comes straight to that email address when they send it to me. I am a 55 yr old and do my best to keep up with this but I am beyond frustrated. I spent a lot of money on this software . I have it on my phone, iPad and computer. Updates and upgrades are very hard to manage! IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ASK A PERSON A SIMPLE QUESTION! I WILL POST THIS AND IT WILL BE HARD FOR ME EVEN TO FIND OUT HOW TO GET BACK TO GET A REPLY. IF YOU ARE WITH AGILEBITS YOU COULD PLS EMAIL ME!!!!

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    Hi, @jodinolen‌.

    On what platform—Mac or PC—did you upgrade to the latest version?

    If it was on a Mac, did you purchase a license in our online store or buy the 1Password app in the Mac App Store?

    If it was on a PC, when did you purchase your 1Password for Windows license?

    What is the question you want to ask?

  • I purchased a few years ago? direct online? I have a mac. They send me an email right away with key # but I try to follow the steps to enter under license and it rejects it ALL THE TIME> I'm at a loss! I have been working on this one thing for over 3 hours! I am beyond frustrated!

  • Can I send you a copy of the key and you update it for me?

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    I can't answer "a few years ago?" or "direct online?" It sounds like you might have purchased a license in our online store.

    If it was "a few years" ago, then you probably need to pay for the upgrade. Generally speaking, only updates are free, and upgrades cost a small fee.

    If the prompt is asking you to enter the license key, it's not surprising that it won't accept your e-mail address, instead. Have you tried entering the license key?

    If you have tried, what exactly is the message displayed when you enter it?

    (Note that only you can update the software on your computer.)

    (I've moved your message to the 1Password for Mac forum, where folks more familiar with that can help you further.)

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    Hi @jodinolen‌,

    If you're seeing a "Trial Expired" notice in 1Password 5 for Mac, please read our announcement for details:

    Trial Expired notice in 1Password 5 for Mac?

    I looked up your email address in our system, and I only see a license for 1Password 3. Did you purchase the upgrade to version 4 or 5?

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