Can't upgrade from 3 to 5

Or rather, I've upgraded but now I have a totally empty 1Password 5 sitting there. How do I transfer the saved info from my old version to this one? I can't find any instructions.


  • Hi @Monica‌

    Can I ask, when you say you have a totally empty 1Password 5 do you mean?

    1. You have a brand new and empty vault that you created?
    2. Upon launching 1Password 5 you're at the stage where 1Password 5 is asking you if you're a new user or an existing user?

    Just to confirm as well, does 1Password 3 still work on this machine and show you the contents of your vault?

    With the answers to those we come up with a series of steps to sort you out.

  • I don't know how to create a vault or launch one... I click on the new 1Password 5 and just get a bunch of Welcome info.
    Yes, my 1Password3 is still showing me the contents of my vault.

  • Hi @Monica‌

    Can you tell me which of these you're seeing?

    If it's the one above what happens if you click on Awesome! Let's Get Started button? it should result in one of the following screens.

    If it's the one above then for reasons unknown at the moment it isn't picking up your existing vault from 1Password 3 and we need to resolve that. If this is the case let us know.

    If you're seeing this third image then simply entering your Master Password from your 1Password 3 vault should open it.

    Please let us know how that relates to what you're experiencing and we can take it from there.

  • Yay, it worked. you guys need to make that "Awesome! Let's get started" thing bigger! I never saw it! So can I now safely delete the old 1Password app?

  • RadRad 1Password Alumni

    Hi @Monica‌,

    The welcome screen only appears when you launch 1Password 5 for the very first time. However, if you wish to see it again, please go to Help > Welcome to 1Password 5.

    If all of your data is visible in 1Password 5 you can safely delete 1Password 3 from your /Applications folder. Please do not use app cleaning utilities as the may cause data loss, simply trash 1Password 3 and empty the trash.

    Hope that this helps!


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