Trouble updating a password on a specific bank site [moved to PM/email]

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  • Yeah, I'd like to know that too. It's REALLY annoying that it says "Don't hesitate to contact us" but the link just goes to a page with no contact info.

  • Yeah, they used to have pretty good customer service but now that they're "successful", they don't need to bother with their customers anymore. I HATE software companies that do that - send us your money but leave us the hell alone. And these guys' product is something that can cause a lot of damage if it doesn't work right - which it doesn't - and they need to be responsible and available to help clean up the mess their crappy product makes. I just spent nearly three hours trying to get back into my bank account because their crappy product inserted a new password AND DIDN'T SAVE IT as their online tutorial says it does. After that, I couldn't log in anymore because the password it used was GONE (no, it wasn't in "Saved Passwords" because it didn't save it in the first place). These guys need to fix this crappy piece of junk.

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    Hi @rus5‌

    You can contact us by creating a thread here in the forums. If an issue requires complex troubleshooting or a diagnostic report then we take it to email via our ticket system. We're encouraging the use of the forum though to try and better cope with the current level of support requests and hope it leads to quicker responses.

    As for your issue. I take it you attempted to create a new password and you did so using our Password Generator, is that correct?

    Did it look something like this?

    Can I ask, did you use the Fill button, change it to Copy via the little down arrow to the right of it or did you select the password in the text box and use OS X's own clipboard, either via ⌘C or right clicking and selecting the Copy option from the context sensitive menu?

    If you used the button then it will create a Password item under the Passwords category and it would be titled with the website in focus when it was created. If you then go on to create a Login item with that password it will remove the Password item due to it being redundant.

    We are aware of the issue that the item isn't created if the password is selected manually and OS X's clipboard used to copy it - the action of creating the Password item is tied to the click of the button in the Password Generator.

    Does any of this explanation match your situation?

  • @Monica‌ I've already replied to your thread. As your issue seems very separate to that of rus5 we'll keep the two troubleshooting threads separate.

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    First, you've got to be kidding. You're trying to tell me that you've switched to forcing your paying customers into a "forum" where they have to share their issue whether they want to our not, check back every few minutes until hours later (its now been nearly three) to see if AgileBits has decided to bless us with a response - to "provide quicker responses"? The stunning dishonesty of that statement is frankly insulting. Your company chooses to leave paying customer's out in the cold and soak up the profits rather than accept the cost (to pay adequate support personnel) that your user base requires. AgileBits is being greedy at it's customer's expense. So let's not lie about that anymore.

    Yes, that's what I did. Yes, I used the "Fill" button. What it did was fill in the new password box, the repeat new password box, and about 6 other boxes on the page that have nothing to do with passwords. Then I deleted all the errant entries so only the new passwords were inputted and hit "Change Password". 1Password did not throw the box asking to "Save", it inserted the new password, the page reloaded and informed me the password had been successfully changed, the 1Password generator generated a new password (deleting the one that had just been accepted as the new password), and there I was with a new password in my back account that could not be recovered because your software failed. (Let me define failure for you to avoid the nonesense your last response would indicate is coming next: 1Password did not do what it was designed to do - what AgileBits is telling it's customers they can expect it to do as described in their website instructions). So I had two alternatives - one was to stay logged into my bank website forever, the other was to start the arduous process of resetting the password - which in this case took nearly two hours including several phone calls to the bank.

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    I would say that anyone who expects a response on a Sunday within three hours of posting or emailing is living in a dream world. The support people here seem to me to be working seven days a week and close to around the clock. The first support response to this thread came in about two and three quarters hours. That seems speedy to me.

    You don't have to constantly recheck the forum for an answer. Go to your profile page and set your notification to receive email when there is a response to your posts.

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    VERY obviously, that's not the point. Sunday or not is not the point. The point is, AgileBits has decided to do what other low quality software companies have done which is, having become successful, ignore their responsibility to the customer's whose money made them that way and maximize their profits at those customer's expense. In this case, AgileBits has chosen a field that calls for an inordinate amount of responsibility. The last call I made to the bank trying to get my password reset was very dicey. They we're obviously suspicious that I was screwing around with the password on this account so much. In this case, their own "lost password' system screwed up as well and I had to try it over and over again which looked suspicious to them. If I hadn't been able to convince the person on the phone I was really the owner of the account, I would have had to go there in person tomorrow to prove who I am. All because AgileBits software is badly written (but cost a lot of money). It didn't happen this particular time, but there are times when that delay would have been disastrous for me and I'm sure that's true for many other people who are dealing with systems requiring passwords. Sorry buddy, this is on AgileBits, not it's customers.

  • I suggest you take a little time to read the forum before venting your spleen. I do not work for AgileBits but the company is far and away the best for support of any software company I've come across. It is also complete nonsense to say the software is "badly written". I suggest you test the level of support properly by posting constructively about the problem you have instead of writing critical, ill-considered posts.

    I should say that it's pretty unusual for me to respond to any post like this but I think your posts are quite out of order—to say nothing of being out of touch with reality.


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    @rus5, I understand your frustration, and you can be assured that we'll do everything possible to solve your problem, but even with dozens of people handling support seven days a week and nearly around the clock, it's hard to keep up with somewhere around a million customers. Rather than have your message sit longer than desirable in the mail queues, we're trying to focus on rapid responses here in the forums, as explained by @littlebobbytables‌, above. Questions and answers in the forum are also available to your fellow users who might have a similar problem, too.

    As for the problem you mention briefly, did you try selecting the Login item for that bank and clicking the Previously used passwords button in the main 1Password program? I apologize if you've already done that, but I believe it'll show you any passwords (and the dates they were created) generated by the password generator. I don't specialize in 1Password for Mac, but I use it on my own Mac, and that's how it works for me.

    I hope that helps, @rus5—please let us know!

  • @rus5‌

    It isn't our intention to 'force' users into the forums but over the last couple of major OS X and iOS releases (so even before I joined AgileBits) it has been apparent that to try and respond to all support requests something other than just a ticketing system needed to be considered. Maybe over time it might be decided that forums don't offer the best way to do so but there are advantages as @DBrown stated. Depending on the issue it may be a user arrives at our forums and finds the question has been asked and answered even before they've joined so they could post.

    One assumption I had on how these forums work I've found is incorrect and that is when we use the @ symbol. When we use @ username e.g. @rus5 or @littlebobbytables‌ it notifies the user that they have been mentioned but erroneously I believed you received an email notification. I hope the forum will allow us to change this default (any user can enable it if they are aware of that setting) so new users are notified by email by default. I agree that if you were being expected to manually check back that it is inefficient and likely to result in missing a response.

    I do understand frustration at being locked out of something as important as your bank's portal. I once achieved this (through my own fault) and with my bank it wasn't a 2hr process, it was more like two weeks while I waited for new authentication codes in the post. As a night shift worker at the time it essentially meant I was locked out of certain tasks as I was sleeping when the branches were open. It's why I now ensure everything is kept in 1Password and I say that as a customer, not an employee of AgileBits.

    While at this point in time you may not believe me, the developers do fully understand the importance of the data we're storing and encrypting on behalf of the user and what it means when you can't access it for whatever reason. If we can systematically reproduce undesirable behaviour through a report from a customer we of course would want to fix it.

  • +1 for what @Stephen_C‌ said.

  • Ok DBrown and Littlebobbytables. I don't accept your explanation whatsoever - if you can collect our money, you can support the product you're selling commensurate with what you charge for it and the potential damage it can do (which you claim you understand). Period. Nobody else gets away with this crap, only software companies. But as anyone can see from reading other forums, the minute a complaint is lodged (even a blatantly obvious one like this), the only thing that happens is the antibodies come out. Either in the "I'll straighten this guy out (even though I don't have the slightest idea what I'm talking about)" form per a few above, or the "I don't really care if you like it or not - we've already GOT your money. And we don't have the slightest intention of actually doing anything anymore but keep taking all the money we can get" form, like yours. So, I'm stuck with this. And in keeping with that I notice that you didn't address the problem itself whatsoever? Did YOU notice? The bank I had this problem with is very large. I'd say it would rank in the top 10 world wide. That is, if you were going to focus on 10 banks to make sure your software worked properly with them, this would definitely be one of them. Are you even interested in that? At all? Does it even matter to you that this is probably happening to TONS of your customers who are NOT complaining about it on this forum (probably because they don't want to deal with the dimwitted "police antibodies")? Do you even care what bank I'm talking about? If you do, send me an email and I'll give you the details. As I said, I don't appreciate sharing my personal business on a forum. And by the way, you HAVE taken my money and your product doesn't work on the one site that's most important to me. That's stealing. That's clearly OK with you?

  • @rus5‌

    "I just spent nearly three hours trying to get back into my bank account..."

    You might consider a different bank, one more responsive to its customers. Over the years, I've had a number of password issues and lockout issues and it's never taken me more than five minutes of so on the phone to resolve the issue.

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    Hi @rus5,

    I understand that you're feeling frustrated here, so I'll do the best to get to the bottom of things for you as quickly as possible. Because this is already a long thread, I'll summarize the issue briefly first (please let me know if I've missed anything):

    • You attempted to change your password on your banking website
    • 1Password was a little over-zealous and filled too many fields
    • The password was updated on the website, but 1Password did not prompt to save this new password

    That certainly is not ideal behaviour, on either count. If you would let us know the URL of the bank site that you were using, I'd be happy to pass it along to our developers to see if we can improve 1Password's behaviour there. You're welcome to send me a private message with the URL if you'd rather not post it publicly.

    Now, I know this doesn't help you now, as you've already gone through the process of resetting your password, but 1Password does have a few measures put into place for those times when you are not automatically prompted to update your password. First: by default, all passwords are copied to the clipboard when you click the 'Fill' button. You can check to confirm that this is enabled by clicking on the arrow next to the 'Fill' button in the password generator in 1Password mini. This means that if 1Password doesn't prompt you to save your password, all you have to do is open the entry and paste this new password into the password field. Additionally, all generated passwords are also saved into the 'Passwords' category as soon as the 'Fill' button is pressed (as @DBRown mentions above). You should see a recent password for your bank's URL in that category.

    Clearly, it's much better if 1Password properly recognizes as password change each and every time it happens. Our developers are working to make 1Password smarter here, and knowing the URL that is not behaving now will help a lot.

    ref: OPX-687, OPX-688, BXQ-98416-927

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