1PAnywhere: Password fields blank for some categories

Unless I'm missing something, this seems like a bug: When opening items in 1PasswordAnywhere, password fields in items in categories like Wallet or Accounts appear as blank. This is unlike in Login category items which display properly as dots with a "reveal" button. As a result, passwords in these items cannot be obtained from 1PasswordAnywhere which sort of undercuts it's primary purpose. To make these password fields visible, it is necessary to change them to type text in 1Password.


  • HI @CappyD‌

    It turns out you're definitely not missing something, not at all. I only sync via Wi-Fi for my own stuff so I haven't used 1PasswordAnywhere extensively. I set up Folder Sync on a test vault and there it is, items such as PINs or verification numbers, fields set as passwords so normally obscured are instead seemingly don't exist. The same is true of the Accounts section that holds Server items.

    Thank you for your report. It seems it has been reported once already but I've added yours to the bug report history.

    Hopefully we'll get that fixed and I do understand how that would undermine the usefulness of 1PasswordAnywhere.

    ref: OPM-2101

  • Thanks for the feedback LBT. I look forward to a fix.

  • Hopefully we'll see an entry in the changelog at some point in the future regarding this :smile:

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