iCloud not an option to sync on my Macbook

I installed the app on my iPhone 5S iOS 8.1.1 and iPassword 5 on my macbook pro running Yosemite 10.10.1. Both have iCloud enabled and I am logged in to both. I can sync over wifi, but the option to sync via iCloud is not showing up under the iPassword 5 preferences Sync option, only Dropbox, Folder and the checkbox to sync via wifi is showing up on my mac. I can see the option to sync via iCloud on my iPhone under Choose a Sync Method, so why won't it show up on my macbook? I tried restarting the app on the macbook, tried restarting the computer, nothing changes, but I can say that all the other features and options of iPassword appear to be working properly.

Thanks for any help, Michael


  • Did you buy your Mac version of 1P5 direct from AgileBits? I'm afraid only the Mac App Store version supports iCloud sync. This iCloud FAQ in the knowledgebase explains everything.


  • So if I missed this and want to use iCloud. I need to use the 30-day guarantee cancel and re-download from the App Store?

  • Thanks Stephen, can you respond to Iohrga's question, I have the same question.

  • Hi @lohrga‌ & @mbisbee‌

    That is correct, if you have purchased 1Password directly from our website https://agilebits.com/store and afterwards realised you need iCloud support then you can request a refund as long as it's within 30 days of when you purchased. We'll refund you and then you're free to purchase it from Apple's Mac App Store.

    If this what you want to do and you use the same email address here in the forums as you did for purchasing then I can actually do everything for you. I just need you to post here stating you're requesting a refund. Just a nice clear post so I can reference it for when it is processed.

  • Thanks or the offer, just one more question before I take up any more of your time for this option, my only concern would be that I am using 1Password to store all of my most valuable information, and now I am going to entrust this data to Dropbox?

    I know using iCloud is pretty much the same as using Dropbox, vis-a-vis the security of using another party as a go-between for the sync, but I feel more comfortable with Apple than I do with dropbox. I just tried to go to their pricing page and got Error 500, and when I called, it simply says to go to the website, not very comforting. I guess then the advice I am going to get is to simply sync via wifi or a local folder in the "security" of my own home.

    One last question, can I sync using a folder on my server that I have access to remotely when I am outside my home?


  • Hi @mbisbee‌

    Regardless if you go down the route of iCloud or Dropbox, your vault is encrypted and that actually applies to the locally stored copy and the data in your sync location. The way the system works you'd never be supplying your Master Password to Dropbox or iCloud, we pull down the encrypted files and work with those. To give you an idea, most of the people here at AgileBits use Dropbox. You can have a free account at Dropbox and get 2GB storage space free, more than you should ever need for storing your vault.

    Now that aside, even though it is encrypted I simply don't want a copy of my vault on somebody else's server so I use Wi-Fi Sync to keep my iPhone synced with my Mac.

    You asked about having a sync folder on your server. Unfortunately that wouldn't allow you to sync with any iOS device like your iPhone. Syncing of iOS devices is limited to iCloud (if you have the MAS version of 1Password for Mac), Dropbox because of their APIs and Wi-Fi Sync. If done very carefully you can use Folder Sync to keep multiple Macs in sync but it's aimed at advanced users 1Password expects the sync location to always be available (iCloud and Dropbox use local space and sync those files) and you would need to use a 3rd party sync program such as rsync or other to keep the copies synchronised. That's why it's left for the advanced user.

    If any part of my post causes more questions than it answered or you'd like part of it in more detail just post back here and we'll do what we can :smile:

  • Yes my e-mail is the same as I use here. Please refund and I'll down load from the Apple Store. Thanks

  • Thanks for the explanation and I hate to beat a dead horse, but here is my situation, so that you may tell me what is best for me. My wife and I both have MacBooks and iPhones, and as you guessed, I would like both of us to be able to sync the one 1Password account information, so what is the best way to do this, regardless of method?

  • I bought 1Password 5 through AppStore with my iphone 5s. I want to sync with my computer. Downloaded it via agilegits website. Do not have iCloud sync option in my Mac. I did not buy it through the website. Just downloaded it. Do I need to un-install from my Mac and buy from the app Store of my Mac ? Do I need to pay twice to have the program in my iPhone and my Mac in order to have iCloud Sync ?

  • I bought 1P5 from the App Store tonight and enabled iCloud on both my MacBook Pro (2014) with Yosemite 10.10.1 and on my iPhone 6Plus with the latest system 8.1.1. I also restarted both devises. Everything is completely up to date; however, even after following Dave Teare's guidelines it does not sync, so 1P5 does not work on my iPhone and I have to enter complex passwords manually. If I am doing something incorrectly, perhaps Dave Teare can tell me what it is. For an essential app like this there should be human support, either by telephone or chat. We should not be told to "look it up."

  • Thanks @littlebobbytables, could you please reply to my question in #9 above or at least point me in the right direction?

  • Hi @mbisbee‌

    By using my name as you did I was notified that you'd mentioned me - good move :smile:

    Here are your two main options for sharing a vault between yourself and your wife.

    • You can both share a single primary vault. It will contain everything you both put in it and if you both have logins to similar sites e.g. gmail, Facebook etc. you would need to use the title to easily identify which is which e.g. gmail (mbisbee) & gmail (wife of mbisbee).
    • Your other option is you each have your own individual primary vaults and you store all of your own personal stuff in there. Neither of you can see the others. You then share a secondary vault where you keep all the common logins between you.

    That choice is a completely personal thing and you simply pick whichever you think would best suit you. I've seen both in practice and there isn't a right or wrong answer.

    If you choose the latter, the route of the secondary vault, then you'll want Dropbox (it's the only way to currently sync a secondary vault) and if you're using it for the secondary you may as well use it for the primary (at least in my opinion).

    If you choose the former, a single primary shared over all machines and devices and you both share a single Apple ID for iOS purchases then you can use iCloud or Dropbox.

    As you can see, Dropbox is more versatile. For Macs and multiple iOS devices I'd say go with Dropbox for ease and fewer restrictions.

    Whichever route you choose, we have guides you can follow and the forums for any questions that arise from them. All you have to decide is what would it be easier for your wife and yourself, a single vault for everything or a primary vault for personal stuff and a common vault for your shared items?

    If you let us know what you think we'll point you in the right direction for everything you need to do. We may need to ask a couple more questions but only to ensure we don't risk throwing away any data that may or may not exist.

  • Sounds great @littlebobbytables, we will use Dropbox, since we purchased directly and don't have the iCloud option anyway. We share almost everything, so I think we can go with the single vault, making things easier. As for using your name as I have, I was only taking your lead, I saw that you did it with my name, so I thought what the heck, couldn't hurt. Thank you very much for your time and assistance with this and your thorough explanations, very much appreciated. Please send any links you thing might help, but I will go through the guides, but feel free to jump in and ask any questions anytime. Michael

  • Hi @mbisbee‌

    Okay, single vault it is :smile: I'm going to assume that you're happy sharing a single Dropbox account too. If in the future you need to have one each we can handle the configuration tweaking then.

    Our Sync with Dropbox guide takes you through all the steps from creating an account with Dropbox to setting up sync on your first Mac. It has links at the bottom on how to sync with iOS devices and other platforms. We even have a guide for Getting started again on a new computer, for machines where you haven't even opened 1Password yet and the same for any iOS devices under our Existing 1Password user guide.

    Let us know how you get along :smile:

  • @mbisbee‌

    Good luck and we're here if you need assistance or have questions :smile:

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