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I have a "1Password Mac + Windows Bundle (Family License)". It was purchased when 1Password 3 was available. I installed 1Password 4 on our old windows laptop and it took the license nicely. I tried upgrading 1Passsword to version for 4 on our other 2 windows computers but it says the license is not valid?

How does it work on one PC, but not another?


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    I can't think of a reason, off-hand, @Spence.

    Please contact us at [email protected] from the e-mail address associated with your license (so we can look up your license), and someone there will be happy to help you as soon as possible.

    (You might include a link to this forum thread, so we can "connect the dots.")

  • How are you entering the license key? Please copy & paste it into 1Password (please do not enter it manually). Thanks!

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    Well, yes, @Spence: we're definitely assuming you're entering the correct license key, and copy-and-paste is the surest way to do that.

  • After entering it, I receive an alert that says my license cannot be used for 1Password 4, but can be used for a discount. Is there a limit to the number of activations? Can I remove old activations that are no longer being used?

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    I've located your purchase in our records, @Spence, and it's from 2012. As you may know, free upgrades to 1Password 4 for Windows are available only to folks who purchased a license in 2014 or 2013.

    I can't explain why you didn't receive the "discount available" message on the old Windows laptop, as well, but it's not because there's a limit to the number of PCs on which your license can be used.

  • I ended up with two computers that took the code (1P5 for mac, and 1P4 for windows), but like I mentioned the other two are failing. Perhaps there is a bug somewhere and I got lucky :)

    Thanks for your help!

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    You're welcome!

    Thank you so much for using 1Password!

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