Hide or Archive an Element

Hi. Why don't you give us the possibility to hide or archive an element? Sometimes we have some element still not useful but we don't want to delete it, and it may be nice to hide it or archive in a separate folder without delete it. Hope that you may understand me. And a second question: when you'll add some new elements layout, or give us the possibility to create a new "permanent" layout (with a personalized icon)? Thank you in advance for your help and sorry for my not perfect english.



  • Hi @bre76‌

    For the moment your best option to hide or archive an item/element is a secondary vault which you could title "Archived". That way they are hidden from 1Password mini unless you switch to the secondary vault. Would that work for what you want to do?

    As for custom categories (layout). It is a popular request so our developers are aware that it is wanted. I am sorry I don't have anything more conclusive to say there.

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