1P can't sync with vault on Dropbox on tablet with Android 4.4.4

Last week I bought a tablet with Android 4.4.4. I installed 1P on it like I did on my Moto G (2104). The sync with the Moto G runs just fine. But on the tablet I can't get a sync with my vault on Dropbox.
When I open 1P on the tablet and enter the password for the vault, 1P looks for the vault in my Dropbox and starts to sync. Every time so far it crashes after a few items.

Since I cant' get a sync, I can't produce a diagnostics report.

BTW: Is it normal that 1P offers the standard Google keyboard and not the one I set in system settings? I use Smart Keyboard Pro and being forced to use the Google keyboard is a nuicanse when you have diacritic characters in the password.

Any help appreciated,


  • saadsaad

    Team Member

    Hi Hans. Could you provide us with the model number and OS version of your tablet? There is a known issue that we are currently investigating where devices with an Intel processors are unable to decrypt the 1Password data folder. It sounds like this might be the same issue you are experiencing. The decryption process is very dependent on the CPU and device memory and we recently purchased an Intel based device to look into this further. We will post any updates we find on this discussion thread.

    We don't do anything special within 1Password on Android that switches back to the Google keyboard. Third-party keyboards are supported.

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