Please advice us translator when new strings are at Crowdin

faceface Member

As asked many many times, may you advice us translators when new stuff is available at Crowdin for translation ?

It's really not difficult to do, as explained also by Crowdin staff ...

It would be more useful for 1P Team have prompt translations.

I've to confess that everyday i check if new strings are available ... :smiley:

Thanks for listening.


  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    edited December 2014

    Hi @face,

    I've replied to your previous comment about this here. We do not use the UI to upload strings, only via the command line. There is no option to notify translators when we do this.

    We do try to send a message to everybody when we upload updated strings but it is a long manual process each time and sometime, we do forget to send the message. I'll try to nudge the team to do this each time.

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