Item name not updated in list view [Confirmed, will fix in a future update]

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I went to the folders view, found the item I needed to edit. Then I changed its name along with its website. When going back to the list view, the old name was still there as if cached. If I tapped on the item though it showed the new name and icon just fine.

All on the most recent beta: 5.2 RC3


  • Occurred on iPhone 5S running iOS 8.1.2 with Swedish as the main language

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    Hi @jszotten,

    Thanks for telling us about this!

    It's a known issue, the app is caching the item list a bit too aggressive and doesn't refresh until another change is made. You'll notice the same thing when working in a search result list.

    We do plan to fix this in a future update.

  • Thanks @MikeT‌ - appreciate you letting me know.

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    No problem.

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