Did I lose all my passwords when I switched from iPhone to Android?


I just traded in my iPhone and assumed that the password information was saved on the cloud somewhere as that I thought was the purpose of the app. Now I've installed the app on my new android phone and thought I could just access all my passwords by putting in my password. However no luck. I have no drop box file attached, and cannot seem to find anything on the apple cloud either. Please help! I really need to find these passwords!



  • Gina, it doesn't sound promising, but let's start with a few questions: How did you back your iPhone up? Did you sync directly with iCloud or did you ever sync with iTunes? Did you ever perform a full back up of the phone on either iCloud or iTunes? Did you ever set the sync function inside of 1Password?

  • Not sure I can answer any of those question definitively. I figured all of those things would be automatic. I synced with iTunes, I think... but I don't know. It wasn't iCloud I guess. Once they had to restart my phone completely erase everything and reinstall at which point I was worried my 1Password info would be lost, but it wasn't. That was on the same phone, but all had been erased. After that, I'd assumed something was backing up to the cloud. I'm really worried I may have lost a ton of passwords with the transfer. Really this would be a big problem for me. Anything you could do would be great.

  • :( well i'm leaving one password behind with my old iPhone four since it looks like i'll have to build up my password library all over again. aaargh!

  • It's just a thought, but you could purchase an old iphone 4 from ebay (I saw a few the other day for less than $200) and restore your backup to the new-to-you phone. This will restore the data. Then you can use the settings to sync to Dropbox. This option is costly but if you have a lot of info, it's worth it. (I have 400 items so would not hesitate) ... I suggest you save yourself future extra work by getting a free DropBox account to sync with (make sure the pw is nice and long with letters, numbers, and special characters). You can use this to sync from any OS device -- Mac, PC, Android, mobile apple OS. If you're a using a MAC, I strongly suggest buying the desktop version of 1Password. If you're using Windows, I suggest the same with the caveat that the Windows version is a bit clunky -- effective but clunky. This will give you a second local copy. ... I am sorry you have to go through this.

  • PS: you would not have to activate the phone you purchased from ebay; you could use the wifi connection to sync 1password to dropbox.

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    Hi Gina,

    I'm sorry to hear about your 1Password data troubles. Do you have access to another iPhone 4? If so, I recommend installing 1Password on it from your purchase history. Then enable iCloud sync.

    If you have, in fact, backed up your vault in iCloud, you will be notified that a 1Password vault has been found. Once you restore your vault, you'll be able to switch to Dropbox sync, and can then sync with your new Android.

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