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Hey guys,

I own an iPhone 4, but a new macbook pro and wanted to be able to use the 1pass app so I can sync across both my devices. Is there any way to download a previous iteration of the app on my phone that works with iOS 7.1.2? I can't update past that version on this phone and am not planning to upgrade until after Q1.

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  • When version 4 of 1Password was released, it replaced version 3 as a new application, and version 3 was removed. Unless you already purchased version 3 and just want to install it again, I believe there is no way now to get it.

  • Adding to the topic... That is sad actually. Coz devices with ios 7 are still in masses in quite big amount. And even I had a few incidents advicing people to get 1password for their idevices which for certain reasons had ios7 or below and there was no way to get it :/ that's still problem with AppStore rules (or developers?)

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @jaefeldman and @Juicyy,

    Actually, there may have been some confusion here - although 1Password 4 for iOS is no longer available as a new purchase in the App Store, there is still a way you can get it on your iOS 7 device, it just takes a few more steps.

    Basically you'll need to use iTunes on Mac or Windows to download 1Password 5 for iOS, then go to App Store > Updates > Purchased on your iOS 7 device and find 1Password 5 in the list. When you try to download it from there, it should give you the option to download version 4. For more information and a list of specific steps, please see this thread.

    Sorry for any confusion about all that! Hopefully the steps in that message are helpful, but please let us know if you need more help or have questions.

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