Does 1Password Allow App Login?


I've searched and not found an answer to my problem. My issue is that I create very strong passwords through 1password, but if it's an app on my iPhone I am unable to log in due to the complexity of the password. This only works if I visit a website in my browser, but if I have an app that requires a log in, then I am constantly having problems and needing to reset passwords. Any advice? Thanks.



  • I agree completely. There is NO discussion or instructions on how to handle app logins...which is 99 percent of the reason I have to type in a passwor

  • It does allow app logins, but only if the app developer adds some special code to allow it to interact with 1Password for iOS under iOS 8. So some apps will work through the 1Password extension, but many won't.

  • Thanks for the information. As much as I like 1password, 90% of data I access are through apps which really eliminates my need to use the program. Nothing worse than creating difficult passwords you can't remember and having to free text them into an app. Be great if all apps allowed for touch ID and we could finally evolve from this mundane process. Any workarounds that people have discovered please share them. Thanks!

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    Although not ideal it is possible to copy & paste your credentials from 1Password into any apps that have not added 1Password support. Unfortunately right now the state of iOS is such that developers have to actively support 1Password in order for us to fill directly into their apps. Many apps have begun adding support (even some big names such as WalMart) but certainly not all have, and some probably never will. App extensions are a new thing in iOS 8, and hopefully Apple will improve upon the experience in future iOS revisions.

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