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Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but I have spent 2 solid days trawling through the user guides and knowledge base to no avail. I purchased the iOS version of the app some time ago partly due to the 'syncs across all devices' feature. How does this work? Most of my password generation needs happen on my laptop or desktop Mac not on my iPhone. Do I need to purchase the app for both these machines as well as the iOS app that I've already purchased at $65 approx each? I have tried downloading the trial version and loading it several times but I can't get it to link to my current iOS account.


  • In order to sync your Mac with any iOS device you need 1P for iOS (which you have) and 1P for Mac, which is a separate purchase from either the Mac App Store or direct from the AgileBits store. Please note that if you ever want to use iCloud to sync 1P data you must buy the Mac App Store version. The AgileBits store version does not support iCloud sync. Both versions support Dropbox sync and local wifi sync.

    If you use the same Apple ID on both of your Macs you can run the Mac App Store version on both without buying two copies, of course. The AgileBits licence terms allow you to run it on both of your Macs if you buy from the AgileBits store (so again you need buy only one copy).


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    Thanks @Stephen_C! :)

    @AngelaDH, the information from Stephen_C is spot-on, but if you have more questions about that, please let us know. Thanks!

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