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I am at my absolute wit's end. I cannot get this program to synch using either Dropbox or iCloud. I've uninstalled Dropbox and reinstalled it. Won't synch. I have the most recent operating systems on my desktop, phone and iPad. Won't synch. I'm open to either ideas or a refund because I've spent waaaaay to much time on this program this Christmas break.


  • I have the most recent operating systems on my desktop, phone and iPad

    So you are using OS X 10.10.1 and iOS 8.1.2 (just to avoid any doubt).

    However, you've not told us what versions of 1P you are running on your Mac and on your iOS devices. Please do so.


  • 5.02. I bought it on Dec. 26, so I assume it's the most recent version.

  • 5.0.2 is the last release version of 1P for OS X. Did you get it from the Mac App Store or direct from the AgileBits store? You still have not told us what version of 1P you are using on your iOS devices. (Go to 1P > Settings and look towards the bottom of that screen for the version number.)

    You may be frustrated by the questions but until you answer all of them it's very difficult to help.


  • Why would I have downloaded a version of 1P on my devices? I downloaded it from the app store to run on my desktop and then tried to use both Dropbox or iCloud to run the program. Dropbox is completely hosed now (1P tells me to download Dropbox. When I click on that link it takes me to my open Dropbox folder) and iCloud tells me it's synched, but there's nothing showing up on my phone or iPad. No trace of it. And I haven't wanted to download it again from my phone or iPad on the off-chance I get billed $50 again.

  • Why would I have downloaded a version of 1P on my devices?

    Because you cannot sync your 1P data between your Mac and your iOS devices unless you have 1P for Mac on your Mac and 1P for iOS on your iOS devices. 1P for iOS is available from the iOS app store (which you access on your iPad and iPhone, of course). It doesn't cost $50: it's a free app, with an in-app purchase to enable pro features. Read about it here.


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    Good morning @Townie‌. I'm sorry for the trouble you're running into here, I can totally understand your frustration. We have many, many people successfully syncing their 1Password data using iCloud or Dropbox so I'm fairly confident we can get you up and running as well.

    First, a couple points from above:

    • 1Password 5 for Mac is a one-time purchase, you won't be charged again to download it to a different computer.
    • 1Password 5 for iOS is a free app that offers a one-time, optional in-app purchase. You don't need to pay a dime for it unless you want to unlock its pro features. You do not need the pro features to set up syncing.

    It sounds like you're using all Apple products, which means you can iCloud to sync your 1Password data across your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

    Let's start with your Mac. Following the guide here you should be able to get iCloud syncing enabled: Sync 1Password 5 for Mac with iCloud

    If you run into any trouble following those instructions stop and respond here with the trouble you ran into and we'll help you out.

    Once you get 1Password for Mac syncing via iCloud it's time to switch over to your iPhone or iPad. We have a guide for that as well: Sync 1Password for iOS with iCloud

    Again, if you run into trouble please let us know where so we can help you out.

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