Share Windows 1Password License with Spouse


I purchased the Win + Mac bundle and use 1Password heavily on Windows, Mac, and iPhone. My wife hates Dashlane and wants to use 1Password as well on Windows, Mac, and iPhone. I understand that I can share the Mac license with her easily by forwarding the email for my license, but I was wondering how I can do the same with Windows? It would be super cool if I could share the 1Password love, but without having to spend too much money. It's worth it to me, but convincing her to spend money on more licenses is tough. What can I do? Does 1Password for Windows support licenses by file? And she also has a work computer (Windows). Her work is stingy when it comes to money, but she'd need access to her passwords at work as well.

Thanks for the help!


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    Your 1Password for Mac+Windows bundle license allows you to install 1Password on as many PCs and Macs as you and up to five more family members living in your household need.

    I hope that helps, Jonathan. Thank you for choosing 1Password!

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