Folders from windows version do not sync into iOS (Pro)

When I perform Sync over a WiFi from Windows 1Pass into either iPhone or iPad the folders created in windows do not sync.
I am, of course using the pro iOS version.
Any idea ? Any mistake I might be doing ?


  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @symvirtual,

    Welcome to the forums! I've moved your message to the Windows forums so more of our Windows gurus will see it and be able to help if necessary.

    To help us figure out what's going wrong, can you give a few more details:

    • Aside from folders, does Wi-Fi sync work in general? (For example, if you create a new Secure Note on Windows, will it sync to the iOS devices?)
    • What exact version of 1Password is installed on your iPhone and iPad?
    • If you have 1Password 5 for iOS with Pro Features, can you confirm you see the Organize tab at the bottom of the app?
    • What exact iOS version is running on each device?
    • What exact version of 1Password for Windows is on your PC?
    • What version of Windows are you using?
    • Have you put any items in the folders you created in 1Password for Windows?
    • If you create a new folder in 1Password for iOS, does it sync to Windows?


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