1password for Mac hangs when opening

I was going through my accounts changing my email address on my logins, so I was using the Mac app and the firefox extension. I changed one login in firefox and noticed that in the app it didn't reflect the change (it did immediately for all the previous ones). The app hung up when I clicked on it, so I closed it and reopened it. Now it hangs immediately after entering the password. I am syncing with DropBox and I suspect that the file got corrupted, but I'm not sure how to fix it. I can't seem to find a previous version to restore in dropbox. I was going to run diagnostics, but the link to download the diagnostics tool goes to a server not found error.


  • Got it fixed. Took forever and 2 reboots, but I managed to put the app in the trash and delete it from the trash (kept giving me an error because the file was busy). Reinstalled and now it's working fine.

  • JasperJasper

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    Hi @maryannk,

    I'm sorry for the trouble, but glad to hear you were able to get it fixed. :)

    If you have any other trouble, please let us know and we can investigate.

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