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I am using OS X Yosemite and IOS 8.1.2. 1 Password in IOS syncs to a folder 1 Password/1Password-35027523.AgileChain. My OS X 1Password syncs to a folder 1Password/1PasswordAgileChain. I assume they should be the same folder probably the 1 Password/1PasswordAgileChain that OSX is using. How do I get these to match. The IOS folder is the more up to date one having 80 log-ins versus the 71 in my OS X folder. The other issue I am now having is when using my IOS 1 Password it won't sync when I hit the "Sync Now" button. Shows last sync being 6 days ago.


  • Hi @Jeff245,

    In order to get this sorted out, I'll need to know a little bit more about your 1Password ecosystem:

    • What are the version numbers of 1Password all computers and devices running 1Password?
    • What are you using to keep things in sync?

    The more detail you can provide, the more quickly we'll be able to get you sorted out! :)

  • I am using Dropbox to sync and have used it for several years with no major problems. My OSX version of 1Password is 5.0.2. I am not sure how to find what version my IOS is running.

  • Hi @Jeff245,

    Thanks for getting back to me with those details! Let's try resetting sync to get all your devices on the same page:

    • On your iOS devices, open 1Password for iOS, tap Settings > Sync > Sync Service and choose 'Disable Sync’.

    • On the Mac, open 1Password 5 for Mac, and click the 1Password menu, then Preferences. Click Sync, and click Change syncing.

    • Check the box to remove the data from Dropbox and confirm that you want to disable sync.

    • Restart the Mac and iOS devices.

    • Check your Dropbox folder and delete any other 1Password folders or files that the remove data checkbox did not take care of.

    • On the Mac, go back to the Sync preferences, and click Dropbox. Click Choose vault, then navigate to your Dropbox folder and select Open. This will regenerate a 1Password folder in Dropbox, and that will contain a new 1Password.agilekeychain file.

    • Allow Dropbox to fully sync.

    • Go back into the iOS app and re-enable Dropbox sync. That should get everything on the same page for sure.

  • OK, everything is syncing fine. Thank you very much for the help.

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    On behalf of @Megan, you're very welcome! I'm happy to hear that took care of the problem. If you need anything else, we're here for you.

    Happy New Year! :smiley:

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