Got billed twice for 1Password

I bought a new Mac and went to iTunes store to re-download 1Password for Mac. I got billed for this. I've had it for a while on my old Mac and iPhone, I thought I could put it on this new computer at no additional charge. Any help?


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @JerryS‌

    Purchases from the Apple Mac App Store ("iTunes") and from our store are separate, so if you had previously purchased from us and now have purchased from Apple then yes, two charges would be correct.


  • I purchased it previously from the Apple iTunes store. I thought it should just be available again on a new computer. All my other iTunes apps are but not 1Password. Is this an iTunes issue?

  • hawkmothhawkmoth
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    The reference to the iTunes App Store makes me wonder if you are confusing the iOS version with the OS X version. You can't get the Mac version through the iTunes Store, not matter whether you purchased there for an iOS device.

    Are you missing your iOS version since installing a new Mac?

  • No I have the ios version on my iPhone 6. I have the desktop version on my old Mac. When I migrated info from old to new Mac, all apps came through but I got an error message that said 1Password was corrupted and to download it again. So I did through the app store on the new Mac and got charged for it. I thought it would recognize me since I used my same itunes ID, like other Apple purchases.

  • It opened right away and had all my passwords already to go.

  • Aw screw it, I'll just pay better attention to what I'm doing next time.Thanks for the responses Bob and hawkmoth.

  • JasperJasper

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    Hi @JerryS,

    If you did get billed twice for your 1Password for Mac purchase, and both purchases were from the Mac App Store, I would recommend contacting iTunes Support. (Unfortunately, we can't process refunds ourselves for items sold on the Mac App Store. Apple maintains all control over transactions including refunds, so you'll have to request the refund from them.)

    You can contact iTunes Support here:

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