1Password isn't picking up my changes from my Mac via Dropbox

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I am having problems syncing with my drop box folder. The odd thing is that my phone syncs to the correct 1password file when i do a test note but it is not pulling down all of the data from my drop box to my phone. It does to my computer. Not sure if that makes sense but basically it is syncing up from my phone just not down... HELP! this is frustrating the hell out of me.


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    Hi @MakaiRJT,

    Just to make sure we're on the same page:

    1. You created a new item with 1Password on your iPhone, it shows up in 1Password on the Mac
    2. You created another secure note item but on the Mac first and it doesn't show up in the iPhone

    As a test for me, can you create a new Login item on your computer instead of a secure note and see it shows up on your iPhone?

    If it does show up on the iPhone, on this iPhone, can you go to the Categories view, tap into the search field and search for the note item, does it now show up?

    If it doesn't show up on the iPhone, please try 1PasswordAnywhere on Dropbox.com, does it show up there?

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