Saving a login manually

I needed to save a login item by hand for first time just now and sought help in the 1Password for Windows manual. This referred me to Saving a Login manually in the online knowledgebase, but even having carefully followed the instructions there, my attempts failed time after time.
Having now finally resolved the issue by trial and error, I believe that either Point 6. of the knowledgebase instructions should be amended to read "Click the Save button and then submit the form" or alternatively a new Point 7. should be added containing the italicised new text.
If I'm wrong, feel free to tell me so!


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    Well, you don't need to submit the web form to save a new Login item, which is the point of the article.


  • When I was failing to achieve success with the instructions linked-to above and having followed the final instruction to click the save button, I then quit the exercise confidently believing that the job was saved and that when I needed to call the manually-saved login, it would work. But it didn't. When I initiated the login, the URL was called but no login occurred. After repeating this for several sites including ultimately I knew something was wrong. This particular newbie didn't know that the author(s) of the kb article had assumed that any normal person following the instructions would want to run the login immediately: I took their instructions literally, as newbies should. Thanks for your gentle "don't be silly" response, but I really think you might try putting yourself in my shoes and following my subconscious logic: a file or command saved should be saved even when one doesn't immediately use that file or issue that command to make it work subsequently.

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    edited December 2014

    No disrespect intended, @Kriegie‌.

    The article documents how to save a Login item manually. I've added another step saying that, if you also want to log in to the web site, you'll need to submit the site's login form.

    Thank you for letting us know that information would be useful to you!

  • No disrespect perceived, @DBrown, I just thought you didn't understand my original post. And nor do I now because inexplicably I can't repeat the problem I had had. Before opening this new discussion, I had tried and failed to save several logins manually. Repeating these attempts succeeded only when after saving I went straight to the desired website instead of quitting and going on to some other activity. Today, all is well and from my new perspective your kb article can be reverted to its original ending. I apologise for wasting your time and regret wasting my own!

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    No problem, @Kriegie‌.

    I don't think the "new ending" does any harm, and it may help someone else.

    Thanks so much for contributing!

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