How many password items can I sync?

I am using 1Password on my Mac Book OS and currently have 225 items stored in the database. I am using dropbox to sync with 1Password on my iphone. Is it correct that 1Password only sync 150 items with dropbox? is this a 1Password IOS limitation? How to solve this?




  • I use Dropbox and have never experienced any limit on how many records I've been able to sync. The free version of Dropbox limits how many MB you can store there, but it is extremely unlikely that 1Password data ever exceed the limit, and certainly not with the numbers of passwords you mention.

    Are you experiencing any troubles related to your question?

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    but it is extremely unlikely that 1Password data ever exceed the limit

    Unless that is not all that is being stored in the free Dropbox account.

    @smittie67‌ Can you please login to 1PasswordAnywhere and see if changes you make to your data are being reflected there?

  • oshloeloshloel Junior Member

    Where are you seeing a notice of a 150 item limitation? I easily sync about 500 1PW items, including a few attachments, between my Mac, iPhone and iPad via Dropbox. I doubt there is any 1PW limitation other than as others mentioned, the total free space you have available in your Dropbox account.

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    There's definitely no limitation from 1Password on how many items sync to/from the iOS version. I don't think @smittie67 is seeing a notice about a limitation - if I understand, it's simply that he only has that many items on iOS, but has more than that on his Mac. So it sounds like something isn't working correctly with Dropbox sync.

    @smittie67, please let us know what you're able to find out by checking 1PasswordAnywhere. Thanks! :)

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