Only selected logins for Android smartphones?


I'm a registered customer of 1password and I'm using this on my Windows PCs. I've now installed the Android version on my smartphone and get already stuck in the set-up process:

I want to make SOME of my stored logins available on my smartphone but I don't want to sync ALL logins with my Android device. I've tried to export only a few logins to a directory on my phone but I cannot set this export folder as my "vault file" in the set-up process. Is there a solution for this?

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    Hey @Wini. Thanks for contacting us. There is a way to share selected logins between your PC and Android. Here's what I'd like you to do.

    • Open 1Password 4 on your PC and choose File > New 1Password Vault
    • Choose a name and Master Password for the new vault.
    • Open your original 1Password vault.
    • Create a new folder and add all of the items you'd like to share with your Android.
    • Open the folder and select all items
    • Choose File > Export
    • Choose 'Selected Logins' and make sure the export format is .1PIF
    • Open the new vault and choose File > Import
    • Import the .1PIF file.

    Please make sure to securely delete the .1pif file when you're finished with this process because it contains decrypted vault data which is unsafe to keep on your computer.

    This will create a new vault with only the items you'd like to share, and you'll be able to sync that vault with your Android. There are some drawbacks, though. It essentially works as two separate vaults. Changes you make to items in your main vault will not sync to the new vault and vice versa, so you'll need to make sure to update both vaults. However, it will get the job done, nonetheless. :)

    Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks!

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