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I've purchased the 1Password license (For Mac and Windows) on the AgileBits store, but on the Android APP, it is still appearing the "Premium Features" do I need to buy it?? In order to get the Premium features? Or my actual license should work?



  • The Windows and Mac license is not linked to Android in any way. Android is a separate, in-app, purchase. You can find it in the settings menu.

  • So, I should buy another license for android and, if it is the case, another for IOS? etc?

    Thanks for the answer @RichardPayne‌

  • It depends. You can use you 1P data on Android for free. You just can't edit it.

    If you want edit it on Android then yes, you'll need to buy the premium feature license.

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think iOS works the same way.

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    @k4ch0‌ 1Password 5 for iOS is a free app, so you just need to buy the Pro features if you require them.

    1Password 4 for Android is free for 30 days, but after 30 days , only its Reader functionality will remain free. That is, you'll be able to view your logins, but not edit or create new ones. Buying the Premium features on Android will allow you to add new items, edit existing ones, and organize your logins.

  • I think I have the same question. I have purchased the 1 Password for Windows family version. I can't find a way to enter my key in 1 password for android on my LG G3. Please don't tell me I have to purchase a separate license for my android if I want to us the premium features.

  • You have to purchase for your Android if you want to use the premium features.


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    @RichardPayne is correct; 1Password is sold on a per-platform basis.

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