iPhone 6 not syncing with DropBox

I am new to 1Password. Would like to sync to DropBox but following the directions leads me to a message that says "1Password will no longer sync because no sync source was found for profile." Can anyone assist me with resolving this issue?


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    Hi @MarkA316, welcome to the forums!

    I'm sorry you're running into a problem when setting up Dropbox sync. Is this the first time you've ever tried using Dropbox sync in 1Password on any device or computer? If so, I'm not sure exactly why you're getting that error. If you don't currently have the Dropbox app installed on your iPhone, please try installing that, make sure you can sign into your Dropbox account from that app, then try setting up sync again in 1Password.

    If you have the Dropbox app installed but are getting that error when trying to sync, can you please let us know some more details:

    • When you try to set up Dropbox sync, does it find an existing keychain file in Dropbox, or are you prompted to create a new one?
    • Aside from your iPhone, what other devices/computers are you syncing with 1Password (if any)?
    • What version of 1Password are you using on each device/computer?
    • Have you previously synced 1Password with Dropbox on any device/computer?
    • What device/computer has your most up-to-date 1Password information?


  • I do have DropBox installed on my iPhone 6. I am able to log into it. I have 1Passord v 4 on my desktop and v5.1.2 on my iPhone. I just installed DropBox on my Desktop. I am able to open the app and I can see the keychain file. When I open 1password from the Desktop, it doesn't see any of the passwords located on my iPhone.

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    Can you confirm 1P on your phone did actually sync to DropBox. The best way to do this is to this is to use the 1PasswordAnywhere feature:

    1. open your DropBox folder and open the keychain file inside. On a Windows, open the file. On a Mac, right click and choose "Show Package Contents."
    2. There you can open the 1Password.html file.
    3. Enter your Master Password and confirm it has all of your data from your iPhone.
    4. If your data isn't all there, it means the sync between iPhone and DropBox is the culprit. Try doing a manual sync in the Settings on your iPhone. Let us know if there are any errors.

    Try that and let me know. Also, which desktop are you using: Mac or Windows?

  • Okay, not sure what I did but its synching now. I know I deleted my data from my iPhone and re-initialized the 1password app. It found the vault set up in dropbox and seems to be synching okay. Will keep you posted if I have any more issues. Thanks.

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    Glad to hear it is working! Yes, Please keep us posted if the issue comes back.

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