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This might be functioning as designed but when you edit a new item and tap the Generate New Password button, it doesn't generate a new password until you fiddle with the length slider.

This confused me today when I was required to generate a new password for one of my accounts that has a 20 character limit on the password field. At that point in my workflow, the last thing I wanted to do was to adjust the length of the password. I concluded that the password generator was broken and created a new item before the website timed out. It was only when I investigated the issue later that I realised adjusting the size slider affected it.

This just seems a little illogical to me. If you tap a button labelled Generate New Password, then that's what it should do IMO.

I can see why there might be an argument to prevent damage from inadvertently tapping that button but if you already have the item in edit mode then you are quite aware that you are changing it. Furthermore there is the Cancel button and password history to protect you. It is also inconsistent with the Mac behaviour where once you click on the combination lock icon next to a password then a new one is generated.


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    Hi @Penelope Pitstop,

    Thanks for your feedback, I can understand the awkwardness of this.

    It's not that we're trying to prevent tapping the button but the fact we no longer have an icon next to the password to edit the password, so the whole workflow changed to have this text action button. I'll bring it up with our team and see if we can do a better iteration on this to either change the text to Edit Password or make it generate a new password instead.

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