only two points i would like to see in the next build

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i use Version 4.2b6 (20141219) (10040) with Android 5.0.1 on nexus 5:

  1. it would be awesome if you could add a alternative black theme on next build.
  2. and it would also be awesome if you could add more sync partners.

i think there are many out there who would like it too.


    1. I bet that this one is doable and i also prefer black themes (especially with OLED screens).
    2. I'm afraid you're not going to see this one in the next build. It's been many months since integration with other sync providers has been requested.
  • saadsaad

    Team Member

    Thank you for the suggestions @gwiefterluchs‌. As you have probably seen in our latest beta newsletter, we are working on a Lollipop redesign! While a dark theme is not yet in the works, I can certainly pass that on to our designers to review.

    As for additional sync solutions, our developers are actively looking into WiFi sync and Google Drive support. I'm not able to provide a timeframe of when they will become available but do keep an eye out on our beta newsletters!

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