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Today I have to delve me again with 1Password and there a few things I have noticed, or I do not get this to operate. See the overview in the forum to keep I'll open multiple threads.

For example I have several different licenses of software (TuneUp) and now wants to but all entries with the same tags (Software, System, ...) provided. I do all tags records for a license. Then I select all and copy this and would like to paste into the Copied from another license tags ... but that's not functionally... why?

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  • If I have understood correctly you want to tag multiple items. The way to do that is to ctrl + click each item to select it in the list in the main app and then drag all the selected items (from the list panel in the main app) to the relevant tag. Does that help?


  • Hi Stephen,

    I think you did not understand me ;-)
    I have created a screen shot and edited so maybe my problem is visible.

    For example I want from the 2004 version to insert all listed tags at once in the version 2003 / take over.


  • Ah, sorry for the misunderstanding. Yes, I've confirmed with my copy of 1P5 that you can't copy and paste tags between items. I think this goes down as a feature request. I can see it would be quite useful in circumstances such as you describe.


  • Hi @bjornseidel‌

    I won't help with existing items you want to bring in line with other but for future entries that you need to create I may have a workaround that will help a little.

    Say you purchase a newer copy of TuneUp Utilities. If you right click on an existing item in 1Password and and select the Duplicate option in the contextual menu it will duplicate the item complete with tags. As I say, it won't help with existing ones but at least it might help a little with new ones going forward. It will also mean you don't have to duplicate certain fields as they'll come in pre-filled e.g. publisher information.

    @Stephen_C‌ I didn't know about that with tags - thank you :smile:

  • Hi @littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables

    I know your workaround, but it's too late ;)
    The tag administration was not available yes even from the beginning (1P4).

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    Hi @bjornseidel,

    I'll add your vote to support copying/pasting tags in 1Password, I know it is a bit late but better late than never.

    Thanks for sharing your experience here.

    Request ID #: OPM-514

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