Help with upgrade payment problem - no license received

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Last week I upgraded 1Password from version 3 to 4. I made the payment via paypal but I haven't received any license id from agilebits. I have tried to contact customer support twice but for some reason they do not answer my inquiries. I have waited their response now 4 days and I am beginning to feel bit frustrated. Does anybody know if they actually have customer support and if they do have, does they usually response any inquiries?



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    Responses in the forum from AgileBits customer support, dev, and other team members are represented by the AgileBits logo near the upper right corner of our replies.

    As a result of the recent release of iOS 8 and our corresponding 1Password for iOS upgrade, we've been swamped with support requests, which we're working through as quickly as possible. We apologize for the unusual delay.

    Since there's no 1Password 3 for Windows (only version 1 and version 4), I'm wondering whether you might've upgraded 1Password 3 for Mac, instead. I ask because licenses work differently for our Mac version than for our Windows version.

    If it was for the Windows version, please see this article in the 1Password 4 for Windows knowledgebase:

    Upgrading from version 1

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    Hey @pjt‌

    You should now have your shiny new 1Password 4 for Windows license key in your inbox, I managed to find it yesterday in our database :)

    If you don't see it, please check your bulk or junk mail folder as sometimes our messages get mistakenly marked as spam.

  • I'm frustrated, too. Very much so. I need to speak to someone on the phone about my issue. So far I have loved 1password, but this "no phone customer service" is making me want to bug off and find somewhere else where people care about helping us out.

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    Hi @tabletop1‌ I've sent you a message here on the forums.

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