Issues with 1Browser

edited January 2015 in iOS Beta

I'm having some issues with 1Browser and some websites not loading or requiring www. in order for them to load. Most websites seem to require www in order to load. Some that I've had issues with in particular are,, and Other sites load fine without www.

Another issue I'm having is some websites not loading at all. and (this is a company website. Normally wouldn't post it but since this is a private section of the forums, I'm okay with it. All the sections require a login so no company sensitive info can be accessed but I can't get the home page or any individual login pages of the site to load.) these are the only ones I've found that haven't loaded at all. Both websites load fine in Safari.

The problem is on my iPhone 5 and iPad Mini 2 both of which are running iOS 8.1.2


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