Beta 502102 [Yes, 5.2.1 build is newer than the previous 5.3 betas, we'll return to 5.3 soon]

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I just got a TestFlight notification that beta 5.2.1 (502102) was availabe for download. Is this the latest beta, I currently have 503003 installed


  • Yes. Though I got a notification a fiew weeks ago for v-5.3

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    Hi guys,

    Yes, it is the latest build from us. You should install it over the 5.3 builds and test it as it is the same build we've submitted to Apple as well. It's a quick follow up to fix a few critical issues that's arising from the stable 5.2 release at the App Store.

    Once we're happy with 5.2.1, we should return back to the 5.3 series unless we find a few more critical issues requiring another bug-fix release, in this case, we'd be following up with 5.2.2.

  • That makes sense. Thanks

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    You're welcome!

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