Migration problem from 1Password 5 to APP store version

I was very disappointed that I had to buy a fully new 1password 5. App Store version, while my previous bought Agilebits/web version doen't support the most recent icloud features.
I just downloaded the AppStore version 5.1 and, I think, did what I should do. The new version is somewhere on my computer and, I thought I deleted the Webversion.
However when I start 1 password, the system tells me in "over 1password" that I have 1Password 5.1, but when I really start the application, 1password 4.2 is still coming forward. What is going wrong. Please help!


  • See this knowledge base article for how to migrate from the AgileBits store version of 1P to the Mac App Store version.


  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @hildaro,

    Please also check your Trash folder. If you have older website version in there, try to empty the trash (make sure your data files are not in there, just your app files) and reboot your Mac. That might be enough to fix it.

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