2-Step Authentication

Is 1Password for Mac & iOS set up for 2-Step authentication? If so how do I set it up please.


  • Have a look at this knowledge base article and follow the relevant links in it. Bear in mind at the moment this is relevant only to 1P for iOS and not 1P for Mac.


  • Thank you Stephen. Will try it out.

  • I meant to say in my earlier question if the feature is available for the app itself. Thanks.

  • Hi @easygoer_57

    If you're looking for two factor authentication in relation to securing your 1Password vault here is a blog entry by our resident security guru as he's much better suited to answer this than I.

    Otherwise I might have misunderstood what you're asking for so apologies.

  • Thank you. That was the correct answer I was looking for. Really appreciate it.

  • JasperJasper

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    On behalf of littlebobbytables, you're welcome. Please let us know if you have any other questions! :)

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