which dropbox pif files to delete, which to save?

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1PW is working fine but I wonder which are the unnecessary pif/folders saved in my dropbx account. i tried some earlier set ups and am unsure which is the active install pif and associated files if any needed and which can be canned.


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    Hi @pmoshay

    So assuming all copies of 1Password are syncing to the same location then you're free to remove the 1Password.agilekeychain that is visible in the root of your Dropbox folder. You want to leave the 1Password folder alone but as long as you're not running 1Password 3 anywhere then you don't really need the .ws.agile.1Password... files either.

    Just to clarify though, if you have anything in your Dropbox that ends in .1pif you really don't want that there. The .agilekeychain is an encrypted format that can safely reside in your Dropbox. .1pif though is a format used in exporting a vault in plaintext e.g. for importing into another program. Given .p1if exports are unencrypted it is not safe to keep them longer than required and you definitely don't want them in your Dropbox folder.

    If you have any follow up questions please do post :smile:

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