1password Agent 32 vs 64 bit

Just upgraded iMac from 10.5.8 to 10.6.5. Used 1pw 3.5.3 on both leopard and snow leopard.

I noticed in my activity monitor, 1pw agent is running 32 bit. 1pw itself is 64 bit.

Shouldn't 1pw agent be running 64 bit?


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    Hi kyoung34, welcome to the forums!

    It should be running in the 64-bit mode. Have you rebooting the Mac and see if that works? Sometime a reboot will help the 1Password and the agent start from a clean slate, running in the right mode.

    Have you ever check "Run in 32-bit mode" before on 1Password and/or 1PasswordAgent?
  • Hi Mike,

    yes i've restarted mac. No i haven't clicked "run in 32 bit".

    i'm sure it was running 32 bit in Leopard. Is there a mechanism for 1pw to switch to 64 upon upgrade to Snow leopard?
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    Quit 1p Right click 1p app icon select get info make sure run in 32 bit mode is deselected.
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