Licensing: Number of installations permitted

I read the forums and license FAQ but it is not not really clear to me - is there actually a limitation on how many installations i'm allowed to complete under one license.
I run a lot of windows VM's on 2 of my personal computers, so i' wondering if i buy one windows license will i run up to installation limitation sooner or later?

PS: i really like Roboform approach where they grant users unlimited installations on unlimited platforms under their annual subscription license. Could you consider adopting something similar?


  • 1Password is licensed per family per platform. So yes, 1 Windows licence will cover you for all of your VMs.

    The Roboform approach does work for software that is not a service; well it could work but it would basically involve informing Agilebits of each device that you install their software on. A lot of people aren't comfortable with that sort of thing.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @RuslanI ,

    Thanks for your feedback about our pricing model, I do apologize that you found it a bit confusing.

    Richard is correct: one 1Password for Windows license allows you to install 1Password for Windows on as many PCs/VMs as you use.

    If we can do anything else to help, please let us know!

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