Should I upgrade from Version 4 to Version 5?

I'm a relative newbie to 1Password, I purchased version 4 in September 2014 and am getting news about version 5 in my inbox... from reading the forums, it appears v5 was released long before I bought v4. I'm using 1PW on four Windows PCs, an iPad and an iPhone. I'm eventually wanting to migrate my wife to a similar setup once I feel confident enough to help her through the learning curve. I first purchased the iPhone version of 1PW in iTunes for $9.99, then purchased a "family bundle" (allowing up to 5 windows PC users) for $69.99 three weeks later. So, I've already spent $80 The version 5 emails have caused some questions for me:

  1. Why was my purchase directed to v4 instead of v5 in September? I can't remember having a choice, maybe Apple stopped carrying 1PW after v4?
  2. Do I want v5? I'm reading numerous posts about users trying to "get back to" older versions. Version 5 sounds buggy, but the latest email suggests it is now on .2 release and in full production (not Beta). I can't seem to find any documentation that compares v4 to v5 and highlights what I get for upgrading.,, what do I get?
  3. Will everything transfer and how difficult will the transfer be? I've seen some users have trouble with loss of their 1PW data files. Is this an easy transition or has Agile now automated the transition? How much user intervention is required and what form does that user intervention take?
  4. Will it cost me money to upgrade? Pardon my skepticism but software companies are notorious for "gotcha" charges. I don't want any of these! I've seen requests from Agile staffers on the forums to users requesting them to private message them after complaining about charges. Do I have to squeak loudly to avoid upcharges with the upgrade? It hasn't even been 5 months since I started this "adventure", my $80 should give me a longer ride! I wish I could find a straightforward itemization of what these options will cost me long-term.
  5. What's the difference between a "user" and a "device"? Looking into the future when I migrate my wife and possibly other family members to 1PW, will my family bundle purchase allow me to add four more vaults -- one for each family member? Or, am I limited to just one more device? Should I be making arrangements to take out a second mortgage to get peace-of-mind password security?


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @JohnLM,

    1Password v4 is the latest version of 1Password for Windows.

    1Password v5 is the latest for iOS, and is totally free for the base features. There is an in-app purchase for Pro features that costs $9.99, but is included free to customers who had purchased 1Password 4 for iOS.

    You can read about how our licensing works, in general, here:

    Will everything transfer and how difficult will the transfer be?

    It is the same app. There is no transfer. There was a transfer between v3 and v4 because they were released as separate apps.

    Will it cost me money to upgrade?

    Not from v4 to v5 on iOS. We haven't announced anything regarding v5 for Windows at this point.

    What's the difference between a "user" and a "device"?

    A "user" is a person, which is what 1Password looks at for licensing purposes. This page should help:

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