Delay with the last bullet in the PIN unlock view [Will investigate]

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When 1Password prompts you for a PIN code the first 3 digits work as you'd expect. Three bullets appear. When you type the last digit, however, 1Password pauses to do some work before unlocking. I'm not sure what it's doing here, really; it might just be a delay to make cracking harder. The delay might be very short, but I've also seen it take several seconds.

That's not a problem.

The problem is it doesn't show the last bullet during that time. During that time, it looks like 1Password just didn't read your last digit. This is just maddening. I tap it again, waiting for the app to acknowledge that it got the last key.

Now, sure, 1Password doesn't actually miss keystrokes that I've noticed. That's good! But this unlock screen is close enough to the iPhone's unlock screen that activates my "Okay, which number got missed this time, I hope it was the last one" reflex every single time.

Please fix the timing here: Make the bullet appear immediately. Thank you. :)


  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @tweha,

    Can you give us more details on which device you're using? It definitely shouldn't be slow at all and I'm not able to reproduce this.

    Does it happen more often if 1Password was terminated in the background or does it also happen if you instantly switch back to 1Password from the app-switcher?

    Which iOS 8 version are you using?

  • It's really inconsistent, @MikeT. I can't recreate it at all right now. Given that I'm fast switching right now, I guess that's probably fine. I'll keep an eye out for a pattern and let you know what I see.

    But it's a semi-regular occurrence on both my devices: iPhone 5, iOS 8.1.3. iPad mini retina, iOS 8.1.3. Happens more often on the iPad mini retina.

    Again, the problem isn't the delay. That's fine. It's that the delay occurs before the bullet appears.

    (Usually, but not always, the button I just tapped is gray as well.)

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    Hi @tewha,

    Again, the problem isn't the delay. That's fine. It's that the delay occurs before the bullet appears.

    Right, the tap > bullet should be instant. There is no reason for the delay, it's not any security thing we're doing. If we can figure out how to reproduce this, we can look at what it is doing in the background.

    Are you syncing with Dropbox by any chance? We are doing a lot of things including syncing with Dropbox the moment the app unlocks. If you can reproduce it, I wonder if disabling the sync would make the problem disappear and if yes, that's an area for us to investigate.

  • Yes, syncing with Dropbox. Quite a few vaults, in fact. My impression was that it happened most often when I'd made a change on the Mac, so that might be it. I'll have a look at this today.

  • MrRooniMrRooni

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    Thanks Steven. Sounds like we're doing some work on the main thread that we're not supposed to be. I'll open up a bug report and look into it. Thanks for the report!

  • For what it's worth, Michael, I just saw it again today. So it's still in the latest beta :)

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    Hi @tewha,

    Thanks for the update. We haven't looked at the code yet. When we do optimize the lock view, we'll add a note in the changelog to let you know to test it.

    Bug ID #: OPI-2297

  • Thanks, MikeT. As a developer myself, I know how frustrating it can be trying to find what's using the main thread. It's kind of too bad there's no way to crank watchdog to 11. :)

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    No problem.

    It's kind of too bad there's no way to crank watchdog to 11. :)

    Understatement of the year. :)

  • Hi folks,

    I have an iPad Air gen 1 and when I wake from sleep it seems to take 1Password an age to reignite itself after I've entered the 1Password PIN (I have this on in addition to the master password.


  • I typically use my master password to unlock on my iPad. It's easier to type it there than on my iPhone, and this helps me remember it. But after seeing this report, I activated a PIN and se the timeout to 1 minute. My installation opens without delay. Maybe I misunderstand. Are you talking about the iPad itself sleeping, or 1Password.

    Using beta 503007.

  • Hi @MikeT, it does appear like this yeah. It's not 100% replicable, but it does happen fairly often.

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    Hi @smallcheese,

    Since it is the same bug, I've merged your thread here. We'll look into this issue soon.

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