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I bought the Mac version of 1Password from Apple Store and I would like to buy a Windows version too, since I have both devices. I want to avail the "1Password Mac + Windows Bundle" discounted price. How do I go about it? Also I never received a license key for the mac purchase.

Please let me know. Thanks.


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    Hi @lourdesgino,

    Please send us an email with your 1Password for Mac receipt and we'll provide you with the bundle discount. [email protected]

  • @JasperP, thank you so much for the quick reply. I have forwarded the receipt already. What do I do for my mac license key? I never got one. Can you send that as well please?

  • If you bought your copy from Apple, you won't have a separate license. Aplle ties licensing to the Apple ID use for the purchase.

  • @hawkmoth, if so, how do I install it on my wife's mac? She has a different Apple ID.

  • @RichardPayne is correct - the only way to share software or other media purchased under separate Apple IDs is for all users to be members of the same family group under Family Sharing. All members of the family group must use the same credit card for their Apple purchases. But it does work. We use it in our household.

  • Wow really? So husband and wife making purchases on their own separate credit cards can't share their apps?

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    @RicharedPayne said

    So husband and wife making purchases on their own separate credit cards can't share their apps?

    Yup. And that would apply to children in the family group too. All purchases go through the same account. Plus, you can designate who may act as a "parent." If you aren't designated as one of those, your purchases will have to be approved by a parent.

    It's even automated when when the head of the family group makes changes. I discovered this recently when I changed credit cards on my account. When I went to change it on my wife's computer to comply with the requirement that everyone in the group use the same credit card, I found that there was no need. She already showed that card when logged in under her own Apple ID. For us it's fine. There is only one pool of money, so it doesn't matter.

  • Well that's carp.

  • Fair enough. I still haven't gotten an answer to how I could buy the combo offer. Guys at Agilebits, can you please look into this asap??

  • So, if you bought your license from the Mac App Store, send a copy of your receipt to [email protected] with your request for bundle pricing for a Windows license. They will fix you up with a discounted license for Windows. You'll get an automated reply that includes a support ticket number. If you post that number back here, it will help the staff to connect the dots and likely speed things up a bit.

  • Thanks @hawkmoth. The support ticket number is #STL-93853-456.

  • @RichardPayne - I neglected to say that we can now share applications that we each bought in the past, before family sharing came to be. Their financial history seems not to prevent retroactive sharing.

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    Thanks, @lourdesgino. I see Rob H has replied to your email. I hope that helps. Should you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to ask.

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