1Password help unlock/login to a computer

Can 1Password help unlock/login to a computer be it mac or windows based


  • No, it can't. And since you must be logged into the computer to open the application, I don't see how it could.

  • On Windows, they could in principle create a custom CredentialsProvider that would retrieve the correct password from the correct vault. However, you would still need to identify the user to allow it to pick the correct vault and you want have to provide the master password to allow it to decrypt. The upshot is that in both cases you have to enter a username and a password so I'm not sure what you'd gain doing that.

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    And now I see is should not offer opinions about what computers can and cannot be made to do!

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    Hi @HeadSpaceDude ,

    I hope that Hawkmoth and Richard's answers here have helped. In general, unless you do some fancy footwork, this is not something that 1Password is designed to do.

    If you would like to protect your computer with a strong password, I'd suggest looking into Diceware, which will help you create secure passwords that are also easy to remember and type. You can read more about Diceware in our blog post Towards Better Master Passwords.

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