Windows and Android Licensing

Pardon if this has been asked, but I was unable to find an answer.

My wife and I are interested in finding a password manager for just the two of us with the following devices:
1. Windows PC
2. Android phone
3. Android phone

What does your product cost for this arrangement?



  • You 1 Windows licence and two Android licences (assuming you're not sharing a Google account).

  • WHOAA! So that's $70 Dollars ? Way too expensive! There are plenty of other choices that provide what we need. Good luck.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    We feel 1Password provides good value for the price, but I wish you the best of luck in your search.

    If you haven't already both the Windows and Android applications are available for evaluation, so you are welcome to 'try before you buy.'

  • @bwanna, most people just look at the price and that's all. Yes there are others out there, but what do they offer in that price? There are also many that charge a yearly subscription too. I once thought it was expensive too and Apple offers iCloud keychain for all iOS users (I think iOS 7 at least) and for Mac too (starting with Mavericks). You have to look at the long run, the support, is the company reputable?, usability, and other stuff.

    This is your life, your info, your everything, you really want to just think "cost" as the only reason?

    I did some reasurch and I always came back to 1Password. I like that I have control on how my info is synced, my info is NOT in their servers (they get hacked, my info is safe), and the people.

    I don't know a lot about the Windows and Android version, but there are a lot of people on here who do.

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