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I bought from Apple store the 1password5 and upgraded to the pro version yesterday. I need to run 1password on my window based computers as well. I downloaded 1password for windows and I used the Dropbox sync from my iphone6 to create the backup files.
When I attempt to use "Restore 1Password Vault from Backup...", I do find the Folder on Dropbox but, none of the file work...

Also, I understand that I need to buy a Window license. Is that a totally separate transaction or is there a discount for using several platforms or...

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    @rlavie Please do not store your 1Password backups in Dropbox. Please sync your 1Password data from iOS to Dropbox, then install Dropbox on Windows, then open 1Password for Windows. It should automatically open the 1Password data in your Dropbox.

  • That is what I did. I used the Sync Service on my iphone to sync to Dropbox
    I already have Dropbox installed on all my devices.
    I opened 1Password4 on one of windows computers.
    Nothinh happened.
    I followed the procedure described in the manual, and used the 3rd option listed on the startup screen of 1password and, directed the search to the folder as prescribed...

  • OK Found out to make it work: Do not use the third option on the opening screen but the second one.

    Now I have a new problem:
    I have created one login to see out it works (trying to evaluate 1password for use at our offices)...
    Problem: Kaspersky Internet Security seems to have taken the 1Password auto-fill hostage and prevents the automatic typing! Suggestions?
    Thank you

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