Lost Password And Failed Sync

Using pro 1Password on ios with dropbox sync to 1Password on windows has lead to lost login credentials. I created an entry on ios then later that day updated it with windows. Everything went well and I completely filled out what was needed in both 1password and the website. Fast forward to today, about a month later, I want to log on to that site in windows and can't find the credentials at all. Windows shows no such login exists and nothing exists in the trash. Looking in ios the original entry exists, the entry without all the information filled in. Telling ios to sync does nothing to even bring the old entry over to windows. Looking at my dropbox history and email history I can see roughly the times that I filled in the information. Dropbox shows the entry being created, updated, and then deleted several hours later when I would be sleeping. I am oddly missing a daily backup for the day the entry was deleted.

Has my password store been corrupted, why won't it sync even the old entry?
Where has my credential gone?
Can I even trust the integrity of 1password as credential store to not corrupt itself?


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    I assume you were using Dropbox to sync your 1Password data between your PC and your iPhone.

    On your PC, Dropbox syncs any change automatically, assuming your PC is running and connected to the Internet. On your iPhone, 1Password reads your data from Dropbox when you start the app and when you change anything.

    Are you sure Dropbox sync is still selected and configured correctly on your iPhone? Are you sure you're using the same 1Password vault (.agilekeychain folder) in 1Password on your PC?

    Have you tried the tips in the Dropbox syncing fails article in the 1Password 4 for Windows knowledgebase?

  • HibameHibame
    edited February 2015

    I can confirm from the instructions you linked that my syncing for new notes does work. The one login entry is still in a weird state between ios and windows.

    I can confirm I have tried the repair option and it reports no issues. When adding new entries in iOS within a second dropbox syncs it to windows.

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    It sounds like Dropbox sync is working correctly, @Hibame. Please let us know if that's not the case.


  • HibameHibame
    edited February 2015

    Dropbox sync is indeed working correctly for other entries and non 1password related files. Comparing the item count of windows and iOS I am only missing the one entry. Which just so happens to be my 401k login and recovery answers. Dropbox gives me the ability to restore the entry but it will only match the entry on my phone, which contains no useful information.

    After restoring the file via dropbox it seems iOS and windows are in sync again as modifying the old entry in windows updates the entry that already existed on ios. How could the iOS version keep an entry and refuse to sync it to dropbox? When using dropbox sync is there an authoritative source? Do entries merge when two different sources change the same entry? How are conflicts resolved?

    I have started to take full advantage of the new TOTP offering and really want to make sure I do not lose more data.

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    I"m sorry that I don't understand this:

    Dropbox gives me the ability to restore the entry...

    Can you clarify?

    ... restoring the file via dropbox...

    What file did you restore?

  • I restored the json looking file that represented the entry that was missing from windows with dropbox's ability to undelete files within 30 days. I assumed it was the file I was looking for as the time stamps lined up and looking at the file's content via the dropbox website file view it had the address of the site in listed.

  • Thanks for following up with us here @Hibame. It's good to know that you managed to fix the issue with the entry.
    It looks like something went wrong during a sync at some point, resulting in a conflict in your database.

    If something like this happens again, please send us an email to [email protected] and include a diagnostics report with the email.

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