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i'am missing the tacks of my entries like in MacOS and iOS.



  • @Mattik what is a "tack"? I think you need to explain your problem in a little more detail.

  • @RichardPayne - sorry. i mean Tags. My imported items are associated with differend tags. In the Windows-Version i can't see the tags. Is it a bug or a feature :)


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    @Mattik On Windows, your tags are here:

    1. Press Ctrl+F. The caret is in the search box. Press Alt+↓ to see a list of all the tags you’ve defined.
    2. Locate a Login item. Click on the Pencil button (or press Ctrl+E). From here, you can add (or delete) tags to your Login item.
    3. In your web browser: Click on the 1Password button. You should see a menu item labelled "Tags".
    4. In your web browser: Save a new Login item. From here, you can add tags to your new Login item.
  • note that there is no Tag filters on the left side navigation bar as there is on the Mac. I believe that this is on @svondutch's ever expanding to-do list.

  • svondutchsvondutch

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    this is on @svondutch's ever expanding to-do list

    Thanks @RichardPayne :)

  • Thanks @svondutch for the explanation.
    And @RichardPayne You're right. I'am missing the comfort oft the navigation bar like Mac. Hope @svondutch will do it :)

  • Well… @svondutch is a miracle worker :)

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