prompted to save login everytime even if it is already saved


I find this a little annoying. I'm visiting facebook or gmail and when I enter my login, I'm always being prompted to save it. I have already saved my login. This happens across IE 11, FF 35, GC 40 on Windows 8.1. Is there a way to have it only prompt to save once, and no longer offer to save passwords if it's already there?


  • I'm visiting facebook or gmail and when I enter my login, I'm always being prompted to save it.

    @qquixx How do you enter your login? Are you doing this manually, or is 1Password logging into these sites for you?

    If you're doing this manually and 1Password is locked, then 1Password might not detect your existing Login, and this explains why the auto-save window appears.

  • I believe I'm not doing it manually. I go to a website, like Facebook, and login. I get the 1Password prompt to unlock and save the login details. I sign out and close the web browser. The next time I visit Facebook and relogin, I'm again presented with the 1password prompt to unlock and save the login.

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    Unlocking can solve this in most cases, since 1Password needs to access your data to know that it already has your login saved. You can try changing the behavior of this in 1Password's File menu > Preferences > Security, as the defaults don't necessarily fit everyone's needs perfectly.

    I haven't had this particular problem on Gmail or Facebook unless 1Password was locked, although I know some other sites are coded in such a way to thwart password saving/filling. However, both Google and Facebook -- by virtue of their being offered as 'universal' logins -- have a number of login forms at various domains and subdomains which can confuse things (e.g. the 'Login with Google' or 'Login with Facebook' buttons offered on many sites).

    I hope this helps! :)

  • Thanks svondutch and brenty. Will try your suggestion.

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    Any time! Give it a shot when you're able, and let us know how it turns out. If it's still giving you trouble, some additional information might help solve the puzzle: the specific login URLs, especially. :)

  • @qquixx When the 1Password auto-save window appears, you can click on: "Never for this Site". This will prevent the auto-save window from popping up again.

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